Modern Software Architectures


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Anonymous at 15:39 on 19 Feb 2015

One of the best and most fun talk of PHPUK 15!

Anonymous at 15:52 on 19 Feb 2015

Great talk!

I really enjoyed this talk. Good content. A lot of different ideas covered. I totally agree that you need to think about what technology you add to your stack cause you can cause more problems than you solve and the fact that it has knock on consequences. Also not just blinding following certain architectures because everyone else is doing it.

It was more a continuous rant than a talk, but still, it shows the great experience and some great truths about a lot of hyped technologies and the risks you may face. Inspiring.

good talk, great truths spoken

Anonymous at 11:30 on 20 Feb 2015

Great talk, introducing a different view on SOA. Also very entertaining.

One of the best. This talk helps to avoid some mistakes during making important decisions in your software development.

Really good talk, Clear and straight to the point, Risking as usual. Congrats !!!

Anonymous at 01:06 on 21 Feb 2015

Anonymous at 01:06 on 21 Feb 2015

Once again, Ricard showcased his broad knowledge of old and new technologies/tools/ideas, all of that in only one hour.

Great talk!

Anonymous at 21:58 on 21 Feb 2015

Just a rant. But what a rant! Amazing.

Thanks for the nice feedback!

The intention of the talk was not to discourage anyone from trying all these things but to warn you about the new problems that appear when you introduce them in your architecture.

Glad that most of you found it entertaining as well!

I only saw half of the talk because I arrived a bit too late (sorry for that), but I loved it.

Not only do I like Ricard's style, content wise it was rock solid.

I really look forward to one of Ricard's future talks.

Great talk and its given me some ideas for how to progress my current project into a 'micro-service' architecture. My only criticism is I would have liked some examples of how I can create these services using PHP.

Hi Ben Squire

Thanks for the feedback. I briefly mentioned it during the talk but perhaps it was not clear enough, thanks for pointing it out.

The thing is that PHP is not brilliant for micro-services, mostly due to its nature (no threading, not particularly fast, etc...). However, if you don't have really strong speed requirements, you can take a mixed approach similar to what Billie Thompson explained in her talk about "MVVM and Silex - It's the future" having small services being assembled with some asynchronous capable middleware and still have most of your code both written in PHP but ready to be easily replaced when you need to do so.

Anyway, you are right and in case I do this talk again I will surely add a couple of slides making this point clear. Thanks!

Wow - lots of content at a break-neck speed. It come across a bit negative, without offering alternatives.

Lots of interesting information about the building large systems. From not reading the abstract, I found myself in the wrong talk since I was expecting it to be about PHP application architecture - that was my own fault though and the talk was still very interesting. It recommended looking at lots of other technologies for situations where PHP is not the best suited technology. My criticism is: I think rather than just listing the technologies and their pros and cons in isolation to PHP, it would've been more interesting to see some ideas of how to make PHP and other languages work together well.