Open Source, Love, and Social Responsibility


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Excellent keynote. Inspiring.

Absolutely brilliant.

Absolutely brilliant closing Keynote

Great to see mentions to #thintheherd and mhprompt.
Also good to zoom out and see the bigger picture of all the open source we use everyday, and the amount of work done by all the contributors _together_.

Very nice. It's not always just about getting better at your job, it's about being a good human being and giving something back to the planet - or it can be, if you let it. I hope lots of people take something away from this one.

Wish I had a chance to say personally how moved I was. Thank you Davey. Wonderful end to a fantastic 2 days.

Incredible thought provoking talk, well delivered, challenging the community at large to be better, without sounding preachy. Very well done.

Mark Bradley at 08:14 on 21 Feb 2015

brilliant key note to close the conference with. inspiring and moving.

Brilliant key note to close the conference with. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

Nailed it! We can and we should change the world for the better!

Inspiring final keynote delivered expertly.

TIP TOP. You are a brave man Davey but it definitely paid off this time. Very interesting and inspiring talk and I think 30 minutes is a better length for a keynote than an hour.

One minor gripe, it was difficult to understand Davey at some points, wether this is because of the audio equipment or because you spoke a little quickly at some points I'm not sure. It's not enough to lose a thumbs up over but just something I think you should be aware of.

Loved it.

A wonderful end to a great conference - Davey really delivered on the inspiration front. Genuinely moving at points.

Anonymous at 12:28 on 22 Feb 2015

You can see the word "inspiring" appear again and again in the comments for this talk, and with good reason.

A great talk to bring the curtain down on the conference

Very inspirational keynote, I do however know that you could have delivered it better. There were several things off: pacing back and forth was distracting until you made the joke, you sometimes seemed to be reading rather than speaking, at some points the facts were not correct (But didn't matter too much)

These are all tiny nitpicking things, I'd like to give it 4.5 thumbs and chose to round it up to 5, all in all, excellent topic and well done <3

Good stuff by a really good speaker.

I really want to see this talk again, because I believe I can learn more from it. I didn't fully "ingest" all of the content, but that was my fault, not Davey's.

I'm confident that a 2nd viewing will result in a 5-star rating.

Great talk!

It made me realise about how many people has worked very hard before I write a single line of code... and they did it altruistically!
It's very impressive to see that before any line of your code is executed, 17M lines of code are already in place.

Fantastic - inspiring and well delivered. Really nice to think about the bigger picture.

I wouldn't have been able to present that well with my Mum present!

Talk was too political for my liking -- lots of references to social justice and wealth redistribution rather than practical market-based solutions which we as developers are able to implement.

Liked the content, especially discussions of how developers can help the third world, but would like to know how Davey would go about getting ahold of all the tel nos to send text messages to as I doubt there's a per-village public database.

Strong delivery, positive keynote, good humour - thanks

Superb. Great to have the challenge to think beyond our own problems, and therefore this was a great place to finish the conference. Well done.

Anonymous at 12:42 on 23 Feb 2015

Like others have said, a little too political for me but great delivery, well-paced, humorous; good way to wrap up the conference

Well delivered and inspiring talk; got me thinking.

Anonymous at 23:05 on 23 Feb 2015

What you said at the closing keynote was exceptionally brave, to stand up in front of a large group of people (including your Mother) and pour your heart out about your struggles and therapy must have been a tough. If I take nothing but your talk away from the conference I would a much richer person for it.

Thank you

Interesting talk and loved the conceptual ideas to do with mobile applications :D

This was a very impassioned, moving, talk. I couldn't help but be dragged along by Davey's passion, honesty and enthusiasm for others. Whilst I disagree that everything can be solved by technology, I do agree that technology, when applied properly, can be of benefit to so many people. What's amazing is that whilst we can do so much, it often doesn't take a lot to have a genuine impact. Thanks Davey, for sharing your insights, and conviction. An excellent way to close the conference.

Great keynote, thanks :)