The NoSQL Store everyone ignores: PostgreSQL


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Great talk with good information and examples

Anonymous at 11:09 on 20 Feb 2015

Well delivered and very informative.

Great talk, learnt loads about PostgreSQL.

Very good talk. Enlightening, and as a pgsql user of 5 years I learned a significant amount.

Liam Wiltshire at 11:10 on 20 Feb 2015

Really useful talk, would have been useful to get some idea of performance of the data types, but not a big deal!

Mark Bradley at 11:17 on 20 Feb 2015

the examples were really easy to follow. nice introduction to some very powerful features of postgres.

Really interesting talk about Postgres data types. Reminded me of how much I'd like to be using Postgres instead of MySQL.

Anonymous at 13:51 on 20 Feb 2015

Super useful talk

Great talk, learned loads of interesting new info.

Excellent talk, well delivered and very interesting.

Well delivered talk, lots of new and useful information with interesting code examples.

Great talk, subject matter was particularly relevant to me and my team. Content was delivered in a very professional manner with some touches of humour that made for an entertaining talk. I look forward to seeing Stephan talk again.

Nice talk unleashing the power of PostgreSQL as a NoSQL database. Very good speaker.

As a good point: Detailed explanation of the ways to process "unstructured" data from arrays to json.
As a bad point: It would be awesome for next time to talk about the usage of this data in a regular relational query (what happens when you want to join a query filtering records based on some property inside the JSON).

A very well structure presentation. Now I understand how Postgres can be used for some more NoSQL-like use cases.

Mission accomplished!

I never realised how power PostgreSQL is. As pointed out its not the silver bullet of DB engines, but I can see a number of areas in which it would be be v.useful. Great talk, thanks!

Carlos Ortega: Thanks for your comment. Will try to take that into account for next time. The talk as it was given at #phpuk15 was influenced by a lot of feedback I got in the past.

In a word - wow! Great talk, well delivered, with plenty of practical examples that showed the power and application of those techniques. I found it inspiring and informative, and made me want to use PostgreSQL for some of my projects! Excellent.

Thanks for the great talk; content was well prepared and well delivered.
Made me want to try those NoSQL features of PostgreSQL for the next project.

The last time I looked at it; master-master replication was one area that was lacking. I wonder if the inclusion of such practical deployment aspects would be a good addition to the talk. Not directly related to NoSQL Store, but if someone is to use it in real world, these are important too. Or even better; next time, two talks on PostgreSQL :)

Really enjoyed this talk. PostgreSQL is a tool that I've always dabbled with, but wanted to do more of. So this was a highlight for me. I especially enjoyed learning about how PostgreSQL stores both XML and JSON and how it can be queried. The new operators were a bit strange, but then, at first, what ever isn't. The talk was well put together, well balanced, and well delivered.