Unsure where to start with your next application? Are you sure you want full stack Symfony eventually but not sure you can commit to the extra work upfront? Afraid if you start with a micro-framework like Silex you'll end up needing to migrate to full stack Symfony anyway? Enter Symfony Flex. Symfony flex brings all of the power of full stack Symfony with the upfront requirements of a micro-framework. Choosing Symfony upfront not longer commits you to the overhead you might expect from a traditional Symfony project. See how quickly a new project can be started and how it can evolve over time.
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First Symfony talk I’ve been to where Symfony seems easy. The video of coding and navigating was really smooth. Great presentation!!!

Great intro into Flex!

James Titcumb at 16:31 on 16 Feb 2018

Don't do much Symfony stuff, but this was well presented, the video demos were really slick and added a lot of value. Great explanation.

Jeremy Onion at 21:36 on 16 Feb 2018

good talk and well presented but felt ore like and explanation for current symfony dev about the new features rather than something likely to make me give it a go.

Matt Dawkins at 10:00 on 19 Feb 2018

Great talk, very clear, engaging and informative. I mean, I still prefer Laravel, but this level of flexibility is really interesting, and you showed it off really well.

Anonymous at 19:46 on 9 Mar 2018

Super informative. Clarified a lot for me.