Progressive Web Applications have gained unparalleled momentum in the tech world and are currently one of the hottest trends in Web Development. Find out how PWA attempts to combine features offered by most modern browsers with the benefits of mobile experience and how service workers make them fast, reliable & engaging. In this session we dive into what’s in store beyond providing the offline experience, push and background sync features. This talk examines how Service Workers fill the gap between web and native, and how they give better performance and user experiences.
Level: All


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Good PWA presentation, clean code examples:-)

I would love to have seen how the webpage would go about to grayscale the page if offline, because the service-worker does not have DOM access, but maybe that’s a nother talk. Anyway: good presentation, thanks!

Mike Lehan at 16:43 on 16 Feb 2018

Strong talk and a good view of everything that Service Workers can accomplish. Provided information about browser compatibility which was useful. Push notifications might have benefited from an example of how one sends a push from their back end application, but that's an extra.

Great introduction to the topic delivered with confidence at a controlled pace.

Thijs Feryn at 14:03 on 22 Feb 2018

Good speaker, ideas were well layed out. Would have appreciated more code examples and a more practical approach when it comes to code examples.

Interesting talk, delivery and pace were good. From a PHP dev perspective (with little knowledge of modern JS stuff) I was initially confused about service workers as I didn't realise they were different from WebWorkers. It would have been helpful if there was an introduction slide which explained the differences.