Do you want to build an API? You're not alone. Several tools exist to help you prototype an API with minimal effort on your part. In this talk, we'll make use of PHP and Laravel's Lumen framework to build an API using all of the bells and whistles of a framework without all of the full stack stuff we don't need. By the time attendees leave this talk, they'll have an overview of how they can use Lumen to create an API that they'll love maintaining and that users will love using. They'll also have an overview of API design best practices as well as a sprinkling of service-oriented architecture.
Level: Intermediate


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Great presentation, really nice with the Laravel comparison.

Really great talk with lots of useful info for those wanting to get started with Lumen. Well done!

You could opt to mention in your talk that nowadays Lumen has a native transformation layer. ( . Of course you can still use Fractal if that has your preference.

You'll be happy to know that Pokemon is still in the pluralizer :-)

Matt Dawkins at 10:01 on 19 Feb 2018

Excellent talk, really enjoyed this (and if you hadn't said, I would never have guessed you were ill). I've been wondering about Lumen for a while now, and your presentation clearly outlined where and how it can be used (and where not to), so I found it really useful. You presented confidently and clearly too, so well done!