Have you ever heard someone say “Don’t deploy on Friday”? I used to say that too! Learn about resilience and operability, deployments, pipelines and continuous testing. Discover trunk based development, pair programming and best practices, and gain the confidence to deploy any day of the week!


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Rob Waller at 08:54 on 23 Feb 2019

An excellent keynote, you are a funny and engaging speaker and you had some brilliant points to make. Very well done, it was a great end to PHP UK 19.

Very good talk, an important message about not needing to be scared of deployments, and good strategy for mitigating risk.

Fabian Becker at 10:24 on 23 Feb 2019

A great ending keynote.

Alex Youngs at 11:02 on 23 Feb 2019

Great talk which managed to really engage and entertain a tired audience right at the end of the conference! Some excellent thoughts on automation, some of which I wholeheartedly agreed with (and even practice!), others which really made me think about our processes in a way that I hadn't before. Brilliant closing keynote, thank you!

Jason Stanley at 11:16 on 23 Feb 2019

There are some things which we don't deploy on Friday's and this talk didn't change my opinion on that. That said the talk was excellent, it had a lot of valuable information and provided answers to a lot of questions.

Often this topic is discussed in an ideal world scenario and I really liked how the talk spoke about legacy apps and the application of deployment strategies over a variety of different types of projects.

The speaker was engaging and obviously very passionate. It was a great talk to finish off the conference.

Brilliant talk!

Peter Fox at 23:35 on 24 Feb 2019

This really was a good talk to end the day on. At first I was worried that there wasn't really a lot for me and I zoned out a bit but it picked up and gave some interesting insights.

The idea of feature toggles has been something I've been thinking about for a while so it was interesting to see it talked about as feature to a code base although I can still see some pitfalls with this.

Overall a good talk, vibrant slides and everything was talked about with confidence.

Mike Lehan at 12:25 on 25 Feb 2019

A good topic to tackle, presented well and with a clear pathway on how developers should get there.

Piers Beckley at 13:17 on 25 Feb 2019

Great keynote. Entertaining, engaging, and with lots of useful information.