Thursday evening we'll be hosting our main social event at the conference venue.

After talks finish at the end of the day we'll move to the King George for drinks, snacks and chat from 6pm til 9pm.

We'll be serving some free drinks and beef burgers, veggie burgers, chips and nibbles.


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Piers Beckley at 01:05 on 22 Feb 2019

I had a single glass of wine and left because I didn't know anyone there and there wasn't an easy way to introduce myself.

Table Tennis and Air Hockey are a good thing to have in a social space, but unless you have some kind of signup/league/reward thing going it's pretty much always going to be people who know each other already because it's a one-to-one game.

It'd be really helpful if there was a space for pickup gaming, or something similar to allow short-term social interaction between multiple people - something like Secret Hitler or Werewolves or Apples to Apples or any number of other many-player social games where it's very easy for people to drop in and out. Hell, you could probably get the manufacturers to give you free copies and a Demo Person.

Without knowing someone to talk to already, and there being so many people there, I didn't have an easy way of being introduced to people; and I didn't really want to just hang around not knowing anyone and not having any easy way to get to know them, so I went home.

Not really a great result for a networking space.

Chris Hawkins at 13:24 on 22 Feb 2019

Lots of free food and drink. Nintendo Switch, Table Tennis, Table Football and air hockey. Great idea to get a room of random people engaged. I played table tennis with three random guys I had never met, had my fill of food and drinks, then chilled out in the Nexmo lounge for the remainder of the evening, before retreating to my hotel room. Great job!

I love it! I got to talk to talented and nice people. It was easy to get to know new people in Nexmo Hackathon Lounge, without the loud music and overcrowded rooms:-)

Scott Dutton at 20:59 on 24 Feb 2019

Great social. Plenty to do and felt well organized