Want to have immediate & easy website scaling, but also get rid of costly servers as they’re sitting idle 80% of the time waiting for visitors? Heard something about PHP and layers on AWS Lambda but have no idea what it means? You're not the only one! In this session we’ll get ourselves up-and-running with a PHP website on Lambda.


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Scott Dutton at 13:38 on 21 Feb 2019

Good to see some real life examples of php lambda. The recaps were useful and also stepping though the errors which you can come across.

Mike Lehan at 15:31 on 21 Feb 2019

Very well presented talk giving a full example of how to get running on Lambda. Clear slides and even more impressive given the fact this was a replacement talk at the last minute.

Aran Reeks at 08:54 on 22 Feb 2019

Loved the presentation and the structure of going through it all was really helpful. Even covering the errors encountered really help know what to expect

Jessica Smith at 11:34 on 22 Feb 2019

Was brilliantly presented and honest about the errors and troubles you can have getting going, but ultimately showing how to achieve it.

Erik Bogaerts at 13:10 on 22 Feb 2019

Very good and practical overview of PHP on AWS Lambda.

Donald Tyler at 18:44 on 22 Feb 2019

I enjoyed the talk but it felt as if the topic was more focused on specific tool(s) that were used in conjunction with AWS. I was hoping that the topic would be more about AWS in general.

The information that was presented was well written and easy to understand, and the speaker was eloquent and charismatic.

Rob Waller at 08:18 on 23 Feb 2019

This was just a great talk, and you were a brilliant speaker. I left feeling inspired to look into Bref and serverless PHP.

Jason Stanley at 10:41 on 23 Feb 2019

Great speaker, great content, really motivated me to spend some time to discover what AWS Lambda can offer in my own projects.

So much useful and interesting information in less than 1 hour! Brilliant!

Dominik Zogg at 08:32 on 25 Feb 2019

Great talk. I liked that you mentioned also the error you run into. The topic itself still feels to complicated at the moment, but thats not your fault.

This was great and very educational presentation, thanks