The talk aims to highlight the importance of testing, why developers must spend more of their time testing, how testing generates more robust applications and why testing makes developers' lives easier. The talk is based around a live coding demo. The talk will: Explain the difference between tests that prove an application works and tests which aim to break the application logic - Highlight how test to break principles force developers to introduce logic to handle unexpected behaviour - Show how test to break principles result in more robust applications as developers write code that can only be used in one way - Encourage developers to apply test to break principles to all types of tests, including manual tests


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David Yell at 11:16 on 22 Feb 2019

A superb talk, delivered clearly and confidently

TuKlyepri at 16:07 on 22 Feb 2019

Good talk!

Paul at 16:11 on 22 Feb 2019

Really well presented and great knowledge of the subject

Scott Dutton at 20:57 on 24 Feb 2019

I enjoyed the talk and it had good examples. The live coding part was actually just a screen recording.

The examples were clear about cars which made the topic fairly easy to understand, but wasn't clear how to move this to a more typical coding scenario.

The phpunit annotations for exceptions are no longer recommend - best link I can find (

Matt Dawkins at 09:43 on 25 Feb 2019

Excellent talk. It gelled nicely with some of the other talks I'd listened to the day before, so it was great to get into some focused detail here and connect more of the dots.