You say "toolbox", I say "treasure chest". We work on the web building so much more than web pages but these rich, asynchronous applications can suffer from ailments that are difficult for us to see. This session is a tour through some of the best tools around for working with HTTP to observe interaction between components and diagnose problems. By knowing the tools at your disposal and the right job for each, you will be able to quickly and painlessly identify and fix HTTP-related problems - and then get to the pub on time! I mean, get the next thing done ;) Whether you're debugging a backend API, an asynchronous client request or an unexpected timeout, these are the tools you will want to have at hand.


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Steve Hill at 12:19 on 21 Feb 2019

In this two hour session, Lorna took us through a deep dive explanation of HTTP and the things that we can do with it.

Anyone who works with HTTP (and let's face it, that's most of us these days) would find this talk extremely valuable; the tools you'll learn about will change your career. They did mine.

I really enjoyed the new format, exploring the tools during the talk allowed questions to be raised at that point in time. Many times I have written down a list of tools to try and then had many more questions once I've started trying them.

Introduced to a myriad of new tools to try out, including a few that solve problems we are beginning to realise we have gaining access to our dev environments locally. As always a good pace and tone to the talk.

David Carr at 12:45 on 21 Feb 2019

Really like the new format, was useful to get the theory but also hands-on experience with some of the tools. The pace I thought was about right to cater for all user levels.

Having the slides as part of the repo was very handy to backtrack over past slides.

I'm looking forward to digging further into the tools covered.

Gareth Ellis at 16:26 on 21 Feb 2019

This was a very useful and informative session. I love the short format - enough time to cover a few relevant topics, but not so much that fatigue sets in! Lorna was thorough and helpful as always in explaining concepts and introducing useful tools for working with HTTP. For me, a lot of the content was more basic than I was expecting, but there was still enough for me to take away and start using at work.

Alex Youngs at 11:41 on 23 Feb 2019

Lorna lead a fantastic workshop on HTTP and the tools we have to work with it, even if the group was a little quiet. The HTTP status code card game was fun!

Learnt about some great tools that I didn't know about before and enjoyed the format, Lorna is a natural!