A tour of BDD best practices, applied in the PHP world. Behaviour Driven Development techniques help us to ensure that the code we're writing is solving real-world problems, and is software that matters. In this hands-on workshop we will build some simple software that fulfills a user's requirement; validate it's functionality using tools such as Behat, PHPUnit and PhpSpec; and learn how our test architecture can support our application's architecture.


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Very informative. The intructor/speaker was very helpful.

Iwona at 19:11 on 21 Feb 2019

Really good, insightful workshop. The instructor was very patient and helpful.

Piers Beckley at 23:23 on 21 Feb 2019

Useful and informative.

It felt like the last quarter of the day was a little rushed compared to the earlier parts; this may well have been because the speaker was very generous in taking questions in the first half of the day.

Glyn Morgan at 08:50 on 22 Feb 2019

Learned a lot about the subject matter, definitely some tools and systems in there that could really benefit both me and the company.

The Ciaran was both confident and knowledgable and managed to keep everyone very engaged.

Aran Reeks at 08:51 on 22 Feb 2019

Great workshop.

The morning half covering TDD and PHPSpec was really interesting having not had a good foundation in TDD, and having never used PHPSpec before.

I'd mirror what one of the other members shared about the afternoon where it felt a little rushed on the BDD side of things. Mostly around where going from discussing what gherkin is and how to write it, right through to writing some tests. A little later extra clarity at this stage to cover that tests were still written in PHPSpec as in the morning would have really helped.

From the on-screen example, it appeared like the test (PHP) code might have gone at the end of the .feature file which caused confusion for our table initially and a load of questions around the room.

Other than this, I'd highly recommend this workshop and Ciaran as a great speaker.


Marinit at 11:54 on 26 Feb 2019

Pretty good workshop, highly recommend it. Does anyone have the slides? Can’t find it here on joind.in