Doctrine ORM Good Practices and Tricks


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Best talk in whole event

Tess Barnes at 16:56 on 19 Feb 2016

Having used EntityFramework with mySQL in the past I found this a really interesting talk. I liked the emphasis on thinking domain first. I took a lot of tips from this talk as well so great value. Thank you!

Mark Suliga at 17:11 on 19 Feb 2016

Good stuff, interesting concepts useful for non-Doctrine users too.

Lee Davis at 18:41 on 19 Feb 2016

My man gandalPHP just smashed it.

Really good talk from Marco that helped confirm a lot of my thoughts and taught me a few things about overly depending on the DB to provide behaviours you should really encapsulate yourself (to keep your entities in a valid state). He detailed a number of tips to help achieve this, as well as highlighting common code smells that many will do without even thinking about.

Great little point from him: Can you build your entire application object graph and persist it to a text file? - Interesting challenge that will inevitably highlight what behaviours you're not explicitly catering for in your model layer.

I think there was definitely some assumed knowledge on this talk (chap behind me whispered "what's DDD?"), but wasn't too bad that you couldn't follow along. As for the challenge to add something to the talk; I struggled on this, but, maybe:
- covering hydration - when it makes to use it.
- when to use object references rather than (possibly) forcing a DB round trip

I think this will be one a few people re-watch when the video is released.

Bravo Marco.

Liam Shepherd at 19:35 on 19 Feb 2016

A checklist of everything we are doing with Doctrine is wrong. An interesting talk from someone who clearly knows what they're talking about.

Jakub Zalas at 13:22 on 20 Feb 2016

Doctrine's full of features that are often abused or used in a wrong way. Marco gave lots of valuable advice on many Doctrine aspects, that will help you to use this ORM in a more effective way.

A must see talk for any doctrine user.

Martin Hearn at 13:29 on 20 Feb 2016

Really interesting and packed with massive amount of information, lots of food for thought - definitely going to be reviewing the slides + talk when it's made available.

I saw this presentation second time and it was awesome again ;)

Jo Carter at 19:47 on 20 Feb 2016

Although I disagreed with some of the content, I agree that this was a well thought out and presented talk.

A couple of mini points:
- Make it clear on your slides which things are "to avoid" and which are "do this" - because it wasn't always clear - and sometimes I missed this due to the fast pace of the talk (not too fast, but after lots of talks it was a lot to take in)
- Clearly the result of a language barrier, as English is probably the only language that doesn't gender it's nouns - but please use "they" instead of "he" when referring to developers and DBAs etc, thank you.

John Noel at 20:24 on 20 Feb 2016

Unapologetically opinionated and brutally informative, this was a stand out talk from someone at the heart of the Doctrine ORM project and it managed to mix OOP best practice and reinforcing some concepts that the documentation only touches on.

Lots of content, explaining how to use (and not to use) a tool but not being imprisoned in it; from one of the best sources on the project.
To keep the information current, I would acknowledge CQRS and if it fits with the Doctrine vision (maybe for the Command side of an application), as the issue of separating OLTP and OLAP continuously came up during the talk.
Little note about UUID: I often had problems with UUID4 (randomly generated) since PHP implementations depend on the quality of random numbers on the underlying machine. There are however other types of UUID, based on time and namespaces, that can be more robust; when advising to jump in this world it's important to give some guidance on it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the talk with lots of information presented clearly.

Tom Cameron at 10:13 on 22 Feb 2016

Fantastic talk. Very rapid delivery, which definitely kept me engaged throughout. Some controversial points and definitely veering away from common wisdom, but that's exactly what I'd hope for in a conference talk! Will be re-watching this talk when I can to try and make some use of it!

One of my favourite talks this conference, lots of information and best practices on OOP and persistence in general. Excellent delivery too!

Great talk; learned lots about Doctrine. Could have done with some realtime/practical demos maybe?

@Nicholas I doubt so: barely managed to finish with everything in ~60 minutes, and there's still much more to say.