Elastic scaling in a (micro)service oriented architecture


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Tess Barnes at 15:17 on 18 Feb 2016

well paced and well informed talk, obviously from real world experience. I really enjoyed this talk

Matt Prelude at 15:41 on 18 Feb 2016

A lot of content. Seems like this could be 2 talks or a longer slot. Will need to re read slides.

Mark Suliga at 16:43 on 18 Feb 2016

Some difficult concepts clearly explained. Inspiring and enjoyable.

Really relevant to our business at the moment and very clearly explained, some good concepts and ideas here, liked explanation of the circuit breaker pattern

A great talk with a plethora of information covered for just about everything.

Got so much out of this. From feature flags, to tips on deployments, monitoring and just about everything.

Really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing

Katy Ereira at 18:54 on 18 Feb 2016

A huge amount of really useful information crammed into this talk - appreciated, and I learned a lot, however it was hard to keep up with in places and could have done with being better paced, or maybe focussing on fewer areas.

John Noel at 19:06 on 18 Feb 2016

A wealth of excellent content that was expertly paced and enthusiastically delivered.

Filip Golonka at 19:20 on 18 Feb 2016

Great content, overviewed tons of tools, redirect focus not to them, but to answer a question "Maybe I need it?". So far - in my opinion - one of the best talks in PHPUK this year

Carlo Guli at 09:57 on 19 Feb 2016

Very well structured and informative. Thanks for sharing your insights on a very complex and challenging technology stack.

Dino Korah at 10:05 on 19 Feb 2016

well paced very rich content. the presentation was well delivered.

Liam Shepherd at 10:11 on 19 Feb 2016

Good pace and loads of content. Nice to know we're going in the right direction.

While I have a fair bit of knowledge about all the technologies that Bastian covered, he did so in a highly engaging manner and in just enough depth to make this talk incredibly satisfying.

James Dunmore at 13:50 on 19 Feb 2016

Well presented and really useful information - learnt about a couple of tools that are going to be useful. Thanks.

Daniel Mason at 14:39 on 19 Feb 2016

I've been wanting to start using Vault + Consul for a while. This talk was informative without getting overly deep and has given me the confidence to keep exploring it.

Bobby DeVeaux at 18:44 on 19 Feb 2016

My current topic of interest and I learned some very valuable things from this talk, namely Consul and Circuit breakers! Very good talk, thanks! :):)

Tony Porter at 21:13 on 19 Feb 2016

This was a great talk but I felt that it could have benefited from being slightly less broad and focussing in a bit more detail on some of the topics, sometimes it felt like a "whirlwind tour".

Karol Wnuk at 21:41 on 19 Feb 2016

Great tempo, touched all aspects of dealing with microservices. Now I know how should I dig to get more complementary information. Definitely one of the best talks on the conference. Thanks!

Steve Winter at 11:07 on 20 Feb 2016

A good overview, though I kind of missed the elasticity aspect somewhere in there...

Shaun Walker at 13:29 on 21 Feb 2016

Awesome talk. Came into the talk knowing not much about the practical implementation of distributed micro-services and I followed it all and learned a lot.

Very comprehensive and insightful.

Tom Cameron at 10:46 on 22 Feb 2016

Great talk, and very well presented. There didn't seem to be much talk of elasticity (other than 'we're looking to do this soon', which is fine!) but what was there was some fantastic stuff about managing services well. It was very fast-paced with little depth on each topic, but it's given me plenty to go away, research and try to implement.

David Shrive at 14:31 on 22 Feb 2016

Very informative talk that was presented well.

Jo Carter at 16:29 on 22 Feb 2016

Some many useful suggestions that I was be talking to the team about. Engaging speaker as well.

Fantastic talk. Engagingly delivered and rich in content as well as anecdotes. More from @theRealHoff please!

Jeremy French at 08:16 on 25 Feb 2016

Very fast paced with loads of information. Could have focused on less and still been brilliant.

A good talk - but I think it tried to cram too much in. Skimmed over lots of topics very quickly so my takeaway was interest in a topic but with little practical experience ti implement any of it.