MySQL 5.7 + JSON


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Matt Dawkins at 15:27 on 18 Feb 2016

Superb! Great presentation style, clear explanatation and examples, and inspiring to see what's available in JSON datatypes. Brilliant!

David Carr at 16:23 on 18 Feb 2016

Brilliant talk I'm now Eager to learn more and try out json data types and upgrade MySQL as soon as possible!

Good presentation, well prepared presenter.

Very good talk. I now look even more forward to getting it available on my servers :-)

For me this was the best talk of the day! I learned lots of interesting tidbits on the json handling of MySQL. It was a real joy to see you speak with passion.

Mike Oram at 14:19 on 19 Feb 2016

The best non-key note talk of the conference. Very good presentation style, relaxed but confident. Great technical understanding and good coverage of the important topics. Brilliant question answering, kept things light-hearted while informative

Anonymous at 14:43 on 19 Feb 2016

Excellent overview of MySQL 5.7's new JSON features. Level of detail and examples were just right.

Mark Baker at 21:25 on 19 Feb 2016

An extremely useful talk which (although specifically focusing on JSON support in MySQL) encroached on some other interesting new features in MySQL 5.7 such as Generated Columns.... while obviously useful for the JSON datatype, they also have practical application more generally; although I'll be even more interested when GIS indexes can be applied without needing STORED.

Presentation was clear and concise, and the pacing was good; though it might have been interesting to see actual hands-on query execution rather than simply timing figures on a slide to appreciate the differences in performance

Phil at 00:40 on 20 Feb 2016

Solid talk, no hype.

My number 1 take away is to try this out.

Martin Hearn at 13:27 on 20 Feb 2016

Great talk - learnt a lot and will be implementing these new features!

It was just Brilliant!!!

Paul Freedman at 10:34 on 21 Feb 2016

Really interesting and clear talk. Looking forward to using the new features

I went into the talking worried it might be an Oracle sales pitch however Morgan is an excellent presenter and gave useful real-world examples. Was happy to take question. Prior to this talk I was considering moving to MariaDB, but now i'm not so sure!

Jenny Wong at 11:16 on 21 Feb 2016

Great talk with some really interesting side notes as well. Like the release cycle of MySQL was really interesting to hear about.

Wish you didn't have to do the Orcale speel but I do appricate that they are the company you work for and probably paid for you to speak at teh conference.

Enjoyed the cheeky and fun tone of the speaker - it helped keep me engaged. Loved the honesty in q&a too.

Left the talk super excited about having a project which can use JSON data type and PHP7.

Jenny Wong at 11:19 on 21 Feb 2016

> probably paid for you to speak at teh conference.

I meant paid for you to be there. I realise travel costs ain't cheap. I do appreciate that you kept it under 5 minutes.

Gary Fuller at 12:16 on 22 Feb 2016

A fascinating development in MySQL, which will be really useful going forwards I'm sure. Morgan kept my interest throughout the talk, and handled a slight roasting on benchmarks with good humour.

This was one of the highlight talks of the conference for me. Learned a huge amount of detail about the JSON features in MySQL 5.7 and cannot wait to get my hands dirty with the code.

Morgan has a clear passion for the topic and you know that he knows his stuff.

Jack Segal at 10:04 on 25 Feb 2016

Informative, practical and a very good speaker. Normally I don't like the Oracle speakers, but this guy was great.