Real-Time Data Pipelines


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This was a fantastic talk, well delivered and informative. Being in media myself it was really fascinating to see the solutions that a company of AOL's scale is building to solve problems that we also face (even on a much smaller scale)

Stuart Eagles at 13:04 on 19 Feb 2016

So much packed into an hour, yet paced in a way that wasn't overwhelming. Has given me a lot to reflect on WRT my own work.

James Dunmore at 13:56 on 19 Feb 2016

Really useful, but would have loved to have heard more about the plans for kensis and going forwards, rather than a few too many details over mistakes made. Well presented, good information. Thanks.

Good stuff as a field storry, mistakes made and lessons learned. Not exactly much of the take home knowledge unless you happen to be building a very similar thing

Granted AOL are working on a whole other level from the stuff I am dealing with, but some really great ideas about how to handle the problem of huge volumes of real time data in an effective way, with some things I am certainly going to be checking out!

Phil at 00:58 on 20 Feb 2016

Very interesting talk. Great to hear how an iterative approach helped to solve a real problem rather than a "we did this we're awesome" talk.

An amazing talk! Very useful information based on the experience.

John Noel at 20:19 on 20 Feb 2016

Though somewhat light on PHP specific details, this was a great talk about a pragmatic approach to an otherwise daunting subject.

Shaun Walker at 13:44 on 21 Feb 2016

Awesome talk. I think this was one of my favourite if not the favourite talks of the conference. Great stage presence and really clearly delivered.

Really appreciated the review-like process of going through the progress of different versions of the solution built within AOL.

Interesting insight into the problems faced handling data at this scale and interesting to hear how you at AOL are solving it. An engaging well delivered talk too!

Worth seeing. Tonnes of information. Really impressive results. Didn't feel like I left with any actions I could take to follow up on it. There was no "tutorial" element to it, was more a "look what we do" kind of talk. Fascinating information, but not immensely and practically useful for me.