Talk comments

West vlamse slides om de toon te zetten, schitterend :)

This talk definatly inspired to look further into the techniques described.

Very well presented and cleanly explained. Top

Everything seems to be said already. Looking forward to see the interfaces on github!

Great talk about an interesting topic. Although it wasn't a completely west-flemish talk, the presentation was good and the slides and code examples illustrated everything very nicely.

Definitely conference material.

Excellent talk, but I need some time to let it in. It is a new way of thinking, but with all the good arguments given, it looks a solid idea.

The slides were a welcome (needed) visual iteration to support the theory.

Wel done!

I agree with Pieter above: Heavy topic but well brought. The diagrams were very helpful indeed. A lot of new "words" for me to wrap my head around. It was a new talk and I'm sure after some more polish it's a winner at conferences.

The presentation style was informal, and I quite liked that. There was also some interaction with the audience, which was nice.

Good job!

Even though it was a heavy topic, I found that Stijn brought this with a clear view and a lot of confidence. Most helpfull were slides with the diagrams after each "change".