Talk comments

Jon Bowes at 10:34 on 30 Aug 2016

A great talk, informative and full of energy.
I've now switched the session management for all my apps to Redis and already seeing the benefits!
It really was as easy we were told! Thanks Lorna!

Very well presented and an enjoyable talk. For every question asked an answer was given confidently. There was enough base information to allow you to carry on the talk afterwards to enable you research more about MySQL alternatives.

Clear examples and explanations were also given which helped a lot.

Ben Plummer at 23:06 on 25 Aug 2016

Lorna's talk made me question why I've been using MySQL as it showed how beneficial other options could be. I've came away wanting to experiment with these options and potentially change what I use in the future, which is great.

The talk was concise in highlighting the advantages and purposes of the options presented and how they work, through clear examples.

Thank you for speaking for us!