Talk comments

Nigel Greenway at 19:39 on 3 Jul 2016

A great talk and all questions answered with real world examples. Great to know the history of the PSR and why it was implemented the way it was. Was also nice to see some examples and information given on middleware as well.

Luke Steadman at 10:39 on 1 Jul 2016

Incredibly easy to listen to. Great talk on PSR-7, covering all of the concerns that come with it. Beau kept the group engaged and answered all questions with real working examples. The most important point was that Beau was thorough and precise.

A great talk. Liked that Beau went over the history and spoke about how it affected the final implementation.

It was the first time I heard about PSR-15 and PSR-17. Nice to know more great standards are coming our way.

I really liked the part about CORS as that was something I had an issue with in the past. So good to see there is an implementation out there :)

Really interesting talk on PSR-7, how it evolved and how it can be used, with a lot of clear useful examples. It was also great that it addressed Middleware too.

Beau is a great speaker who keeps the audience engaged throughout and is always happy to answer questions and explain any concepts if anything is unclear.

I'd love to see more of his talks and would happily welcome him back to PHP Warwickshire anytime!