2 attended
Host: Ben Plummer
Event Website: http://phpwarks.co.uk

For October's meetup, we have Rob Allen with us doing his talk "Deployment within a Traditional IT environment"


Building line-of-business web applications for clients with traditional IT departments brings its own set of challenges when it comes to DevOps. In particular, the IT department adds additional constraints that you may not see in more forward-thinking companies. We'll look at these complexities and cover our solutions to them.

Delivering web applications that are deployed to more esoteric platforms such as Windows IIS and IBM is challenging. In this talk, I will share some of the issues and solutions that we came up with in order to use modern development practices in non-traditional environments. You'll learn how CI tools with appropriate scripting enable reliable delivery of a quality product on IBM and on Windows. I'll also cover the challenges in terms of both organisational and technical aspects when the IT department is not used to developers having a say in the server environment and show you how it's worth spending time getting them on board.