This is the December meetup of PHP-WVL, at the offices of Guideline, in Bruges

Tuesday 13th December 2016

Meeting introduction
Keynote by Jachim Coudenys, Tom Van Herreweghe (15 minutes)

Meeting introduction

20:15 Write history, keep a diary
Talk by Jachim Coudenys (45 minutes)

Nowadays developers, and others, have the habit to use Git or other version control systems when writing software. While the benefits of this are mostly seen by means of pull/merge requests, easy "undo" functionality, team collaboration and others, the real benefit is history. When did we change this piece of code, and more importantly: why? By using clever commit message and branch strategies, you can reconstruct the way your or your colleagues' brain was thinking a year ago! It will help you pinpoint the exact ticket where a client requested a specific change and by who it was sanctioned. Start keeping a diary today, and write history!

VS Code for PHP Development
Talk by Nick Trogh (45 minutes)

Visual Studio Code is a lightweight, open source, cross-platform code editor. But more than just an editor, it also has built-in git support, debugging, intellisense and lots more. In this session you'll get a practical demonstration - no slides, just demos - of VS Code and what it brings for PHP developers.