We're having meetup #39 at the offices of IndieGroup in Kortrijk

Tuesday 19th February 2019

Intro talk
Keynote by Ike Devolder (15 minutes)

As usual, an intro talk to line out the rest of the evening, introducing the speakers & venue and look back at previous meetup and last but not least, maybe some more information about the upcoming birthday party!

API-first approach in Drupal 8
Talk by Maarten De Block, Robin Ingelbrecht (45 minutes)

Demonstratie van API-first approach binnen Drupal 8. Beschikbare tools binnen Drupal core en de community + uitbreidingsmogelijkheden in PHP.

Going Serverless: Running PHP in AWS Lambda
Talk by Ben Bridts (45 minutes)

The AWS platform has a bunch of services to make your application "serverless". We will take a look at what defines something to be serverless and how we can leverage services like AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway and S3 to build our own applications to be cost-effective, scalable and highly-available.