Meetup #38 will be held at the offices of Bright Analytics in Gits

Tuesday 8th January 2019

Intro talk
Keynote by Tom Van Herreweghe (15 minutes)

As usual, an intro talk to line out the rest of the evening, introducing the speakers & venue and look back at previous meetup

Data structures in PHP
Talk by Jens Trio (45 minutes)

Can you imagine developing PHP applications without arrays? Me neither, since they are the only data structure available. They are a jack of all trades. Need a queue? Use an array. Need a stack? Use an array. Need a ...? Use an array. This talk will try to look further. What are data structures exactly and why do we need to use them in our applications? And most important of all: what options do we have to implement them in PHP? Let's try to answer those questions in this brief intro into PHP data structures.

Building a digital ID card for authentication
Talk by Jens Segers (45 minutes)

When we are asked to identify ourselves in the real world, we show our ID cards. We trust it because it is issued by the government. Can we build a digital ID card based on the same principes, that we can use to authenticate users in our applications instead of relying on cookies and sessions? Spoiler alert; we’ll talk about micro services, cryptography, JSON Web Tokens and OAuth2.