Behat is widely used as part of a Behaviour Driven Development lifecycle, but it's also widely misused.

In this talk Ciaran will explain what BDD and Behat involve, and show the best practices including writing good scenarios, driving service development from scenarios, and techniques for fast UI testing.


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Really liked how this talk is organised into three sections which allows audience to follow it easily. Examples were also clear and work well, even with a lot of code.

Ben Rowan at 05:51 on 15 Apr 2018

I felt this talk was informative and well paced. I now have a much much clearer idea of how Behat can and should be used. I'll be re-watching this talk with my colleagues once the recording (that I think was being made) is released.

Shaun Walker at 14:12 on 15 Apr 2018

Having seen this talk previously but unable to implement BDD effectively for a while, it was really nice to get the refresher. And also discover the new (at least for me) Transform functionality.

This is a really clear, well laid out, introduction on how BDD as a concept helps you achieve a more accurate domain, and also how to achieve some reinforcement on applying that concept through testing with Behat.

I think one thing I would really like to see in future is a more advanced in-depth talk on the topic of Behat. For people who are familiar with the basics covered in this talk, so it can go over some of the other features not covered.

Gemma Anible at 21:33 on 19 Apr 2018

Fascinating intro to BDD and Behat. I got a little lost in the weeds as we covered the three levels of testing with identical scenarios and similar code.

This talk was badass. I want an Advanced Behat talk going in more depth how to load SF/ZF service managers and use injection and all sorts.