This prototype works, but it’s not pretty, and now it’s in production. That legacy application really needs some TLC. Where do we start? When creating long lived applications, it’s imperative to focus on good practices. The solution is to improve the whole development life cycle; from planning, better coding and testing, to automation, peer review and more. In this tutorial, we’ll take a deep dive into each of these areas, looking at how we can make positive, actionable change in our workflow.


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Great talk, there was a lot of useful information and a lot of tools and methodologies were mentioned to improve the quality of our web applications. I really liked how everything was covered as an overview without going into too much detail, giving you an understanding of everything and then leaving you to go and research on your own if you are interested on something. If I had to suggest something, it would be to spend more time showing how to refactor code but I think it was impossible given the amount of time available.

Scott Dutton at 22:29 on 13 Apr 2018

Well presented and learnt about a new extension.

Process mapping at the start was really useful

Null at 11:26 on 14 Apr 2018

Lots and lots of quality information in this session perhaps a little too much, leading to being a bit rushed per subject

Speaker was friendly and engaging

Interesting talk. The mapping exercise at the start was illuminating, followed by lots of information about a range of tools and techniques. Perhaps there could have been more practical exercises.