Whenever we do anything new, we make discoveries. Sometimes those discoveries speed us up, but more often than not they slow us down. The more innovative we are, the more we discover, the higher the risk and uncertainty - so how can we lead, manage and work in a way which embraces that uncertainty and lets us make discoveries early and safely?

In this talk, Liz introduces the latest, "liminal" version of the Cynefin framework to help make sense of different types of situations and how to approach them: the obvious ones, the complicated ones which require expertise, the complex ones in which outcomes emerge, and the chaotic ones that we're usually trying to avoid. Find out how the simple concepts can help us counter our innate human desire for predictability, enabling change and innovation; not just in software development, but in every aspect of our lives.


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I loved this talk! What a great new discovery this is for me and I will definitely research more of this.

Kat Zien at 00:44 on 15 Apr 2018

Liz is such an incredibly good speaker, she delivered her keynote with confidence and kept it engaging from start to finish. Loved the surprising facts and stories shared. I don't think I could've asked for a better explanation of what Cynefin is (never heard of it before), with so many clear examples given on what each of the elements is.

Really enjoyed it - thank you Liz!

Ben Rowan at 05:56 on 15 Apr 2018

This was totally new to me but incredibly interesting. The talk was really well delivered with great anecdotes and humour. I'll certainly be taking a deeper look into Cynefin (which I can now pronounce correctly :D )

Pim Elshoff at 11:38 on 15 Apr 2018

Liz channelled her inner Dave Snowden to deliver a talk that had everything. Full attention. Even after a full conference day.

Shaun Walker at 14:19 on 15 Apr 2018

Loved this talk and a great clear introduction to the Cynefin framework.

The descriptions of the different areas were very understandable supported by good real world examples. One place I think couldve benefited from a more software specific example is the "Commoditised" process. The one example of "Screws" made sense but an example in the context of software would've been really great.

I really enjoyed the delivery and the information sunk in.

Adam Prescott at 17:34 on 15 Apr 2018

Pretty much what everyone else has said before me - Engaging and great talk from Liz. It has made me curious enough to look more into Cynefin.

Mark Railton at 20:54 on 16 Apr 2018

This was the first time I've heard Liz present anything and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. This was also a topic that I didn't really have a lot of knowledge on going into to talk and Liz really helped to open my eyes to it.

I had never heard of Cynefin before, but holy cow this talk was amazing. Its a very abstract concept but it was very thought provoking and left me wanting more!

Gemma Anible at 21:37 on 19 Apr 2018

Excellent, engaging, full of examples and anecdotes (in true BDD style!).

Very entertaining talk. The speaker clearly loves the subject and had very relevant stories within the talk to highlight the concept