You might have heard of Domain Driven Design. You may have heard DDD is a tool to write readable and change-ready code. You may have even heard DDD comes with a lot of talking, and modelling, and customers...

Starting with DDD sounds big, and scary, doesn't it?

But getting started is not scary! Come find out what DDD can do for your code, tomorrow. We'll use value objects, entities and services to bring order to our mind and code. We'll see how naming things can guide us, but also trick us. We'll rework a piece of code together and improve what it means. And tomorrow you can tell your peers that, technically, you're doing DDD.


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Matt Cavanagh at 12:41 on 14 Apr 2018

Very entertaining and engaging talk covering the topic and using very detailed examples with examples of the steps on how to make the code better.

Only problem would be the slides with a dark background, didn't really work with the lighting so a little hard to read but the lights were dimmed so it was better than nothing.

Great intro talk into the DDD!

This talk had great and clear theory through which we were guided in a great way, it had code examples and it had interactivity.
The humour was a nice added bonus to a great talk!

Good intro to key DDD concepts. Pim was good at engaging the audience, though it got a bit chaotic at times. I enjoyed the humour and speaking style, though it could seem rather combative.

Introduction to some core DDD concepts, clear and easy to follow.

The speaker adopted an interactive approach taking questions and challenging the audience throughout the talk which worked quite well IMO. Just a remark about the style used by the speaker which engaging with the audience that might make some attendees less comfortable and prone to participate. Nevertheless a great talk.

Pete Samways at 16:55 on 14 Apr 2018

A good and entertaining introduction to a topic I had very little knowledge of

Ben Rowan at 18:13 on 14 Apr 2018

This was a really engaging, informative and amusing talk. I'll now be taking a serious look into DDD.

Iain Fogg at 21:34 on 14 Apr 2018

Strong talk on DDD. Felt it gave a good intro to the theory on a few parts of DDD with examples of what they might look like.

However, the factoring examples to take legacy code into a DDD style was where the session really worked well for me, helping me to visualise applying it myself even more.

Excellent talk that works well with an active audience. Pim seems very comfortable on stage and his commando style helps stripping down complicated topic to their bare concepts.

Shaun Walker at 13:51 on 15 Apr 2018

I think Pim is spot on with this talk being about a realistic practical approach to writing in a more DDD style, without having to completely overhaul the entire workplaces development cycle to incorporate DDD everywhere.

I am totally stealing the "Make the incorrect inexpressable", such a concise way of communicating the core principal introduced here. Making incomplete, incorrect value objects, not a thing.

Pim's speaking style is very engaging, a good sense of humour with very entertaining delivery. Whilst not making light of the fact there are very specific rules you should follow to achieve the goal of accurate and expressive value objects/entities.

I personally dont prefer the heavily interactive style of this talk where the speaker requires responses from the audiences, as it can interrupt the pacing. By all means open the floor for the audience to contribute additional ideas or thoughts, just dont make it a mandatory step. But that is largely a personal preference thing of how I prefer to consume talk content.

Overall fantastic talk and would recommend it to anyone wanting a really low barrier entry to the world of DDD.

Imho the best talk in this conference.
Amazing delivery and great examples

Great talk and entertaining too. The quiz at the end was a pleasant surprise.

The only issue was the dark background for the code examples that made it difficult to read the text on the screen.

Lee Boynton at 12:26 on 17 Apr 2018

I liked Pim's very straight to the point take on DDD since a lot of the resources available on the subject tend to be very dry and wordy. Pim's sense of humour was also enjoyable for me, though I can imagine it might not be to everyone's taste. Some good practical recommendations on starting to use DDD concepts in your own work without having to learn everything at once.

Very funny and engaging talk on DDD with some great code examples. Even bug hunting!

A great introduction to a new topic for me.

Gemma Anible at 21:31 on 19 Apr 2018

Stellar presentation and content. I'm taking 'make the incorrect impossible' to my $dayjob.

Being a sole developer I do not have that much benefit from alternative ideas and methodologies when programming. This talk has opened my eyes to ddd which I plan on utilising greatly.