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The second installment of PHP-Zwolle is near, so let's announce our speaker, Ivo Stefanov, and his talk:

The Flow and Architecture of Web Based Applications using Hexagonal Architecture

Nowadays, we see people reaching more and more to cutting edge technologies to try and make their job as Web Developers and Software Engineers better and faster. Hexagonal Architecture is not something that new but it is becoming increasingly important because of its values.

The most common methodology when it comes to writing a Web Application that comes to mind is MVC (Model-View-Controller) which is usually the first pattern encountered by many people. Unfortunately, in our world where applications are developing rapidly and grow immensely, there is almost no place for using simple CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) operations when talking about growing projects and Enterprise projects.

One alternative as a methodology which builds on top of MVC is Hexagonal Architecture. It promotes separation of concerns through clearly separated layers of responsibility, where MVC is only part of it.

In this methodology the business rules and behavior is separated in a layer called Domain where parts of our real tangible world is modeled using OO (Object Oriented) techniques to separate the logic of the real world from the infrastructure and concentrate the attention of the Domain specialists like financial managers, mechanics, media vendors, e-marketers, etc. on what is going on, how it is going to behave and how the application can grow easily.

We as people are mainly visually oriented and a study shows that 90% of the people can remember much more information through graphics and audio perception. That is why the presentation will aim to present all those ideas about architecture with help of more visuals, supporting my talk.

Ivaylo Stefanov, a 25 year old Software Developer and Software Architecture Enthusiast from Bulgaria. I currently work at Finance Matters Den Haag as a Developer and Architect and I try to optimize my work by implementing and combining already well established knowledge with new ideas sprung and glued by the gray matter, laying between my ears.

19:00 - Doors open
19:30 - Opening
19:45 - The Flow and Architecture of Web Based Applications using Hexagonal Architecture
20:30 - Social