Talk comments

Talk and speaker with a lot of potential. Both can do with some polish and exposure and this will be a very solid experience.

Martijn mentioned up front he was quite nervous and not an expert. Good to mention, but don't make too much of it. Once this hurdle was taken, the talk picked up speed with a very good grab: memory lane. Go easy on the personal *data*, because that is not as relatable as the personal *story*. And Martijn has some great stories!

The thread of the talk was clear in retrospect, but could have been clearer during. At times I felt a bit lost and until the very end I had no clue why we are talking about "The happy path".

Most examples were fine, though in my opinion some principles could have been taken further. But, focusing on what you can sell your client rather than what you theoretically should do is great stuff.

Overall solid, some room for improvement in all regards but great potential. Thanks Martijn, and I hope to see you out there at other opportunities.