For our last monthly meetup of the year, Enrise will be gallantly hosting us once more. By now, you probably know how to get there (use the Eemplein parking garage, located at the Eemlaan 21).

We have awesome stuff to raffle this time, including a hardcopy of the Vagrant cookbook, a nice and shiny PHPStorm license and some Enrise goodies.

19.00 Welcome / Drinks
19.30 Opening
19.35 Talk
20.30 Raffles!
~20.45 Social / Drinks

Sven Hageman will show us how to Work with Symfony2 model in the frontend (using Javascript).

In the PHP community we have been professionalizing at an amazing rate, quickly bigger and bigger web-applications are written in PHP to a point where it is almost unheard of to write a huge project without using a Framework and ORM of some sort.

The same is starting to happen in the JS space, having a data-model in the front-end is becoming more and more common. This talk will focus on how Symfony2 (/ Doctrine) can be used as a powerful back-end store for your JavaScript front-end framework models. And if you already have a Symfony2 application how to transition gradually into using more JavaScript in the front-end.