Talk comments

Very interesting and different talk, learned about some words I've never heard of before. It was informative and it's a wake up call on how you approach certain problems.

Once Joshua has gathered some more confidence on this subject and polishes it a bit it will become a top notch talk!

Couple of great insights, still a bit sloppy here and there, with some polish and practice an easy 5/5

It was not really at four or five stars yet, but it has that potential. The fact that this was a first time easily explains some lesser bits. I like the idea, I liked most of the execution. I would gather a bit more security on your knowledge of some of the parts. The more people you tell this to the more chance someone will have in-depth knowledge so you'll need to have at least your basics of quantum physics down ;)

Thanks for letting us guinea pig this presentation.

I really loved this talk. The combination of jokes with some serious background information that applies to our day-to-day work worked really well. I learned quite a few things from this talk because the information it brings is different from other talks. It was hardly noticable that this was the first time this talk was given, just some small details that may need some extra attention.