Talk comments

I like the content and explanations. I'd love a bit more demo. While I realize you're trying to stick to the basics, perhaps ending with an actual deployment of a bit more advanced project to show off what can be done would be very nice.

I also missed structure a bit. This may be related to the use of Prezi, I often get lost by the jumpiness of Prezi presentations. But the content was there. Thanks!

on Ansible

Interesting short talk that gave some insight in applying this combination. The demo was the most useful thing, as it visualised how it actually works. I do want to add some constructive criticism: Try to work a bit on your english.

The content was good and I liked the approach with the diagram and explaining parts of that.

I didn't like the Prezi presentation, it was a bit messy and jumpy to follow. With some more practice and perhaps some restructuring this could turn into a great talk.

on Ansible

Very informative lightning talk on combining PHP & NodeJS. Even though I'm currently not working with NodeJS, the slides will really help me out when I do.

The demo in the end was also a nice addition, mostly because of the "Jelrik is een prutser" message that popped up.