Error messages in PHP 7


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Petra Dreiskamper at 00:00 on 14 Oct 2015

Very informative and entertaining talk on php7 functionality and it's error messages. I really liked this angle of approaching things and had a fun time listening to your explanations. I do think however that a lot of prior knowledge of what's coming with php7 is aquired to "get it all". I think your audience that's not already aware could really benefit if you take a bit of time to explain about type hinting return values for instance, cause otherwise it might be hard to follow. Suppose someone has not heard of these new features before? Some of the examples might look rather strange in that case.

Anonymous at 00:18 on 14 Oct 2015

Great talk, at times really funny, at times serious, overal really informative!
Got the information across really well, makes me look forward to PHP7!

Anonymous at 13:52 on 14 Oct 2015

Entertaining presentation. Made something really serious sound quite hilarious at times, without losing the message. I do agree with Petra's comment that sometimes it might be hard to follow if you're not into the new stuff that deep.

Entertaining talk! Very nice insights into a programming language can be gained just from the error-message perspective. Clear narrative and clear slides. Many audience questions. Expertly handled