Unleashing Creative Freedom with MODX


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Anonymous at 09:06 on 10 Sep 2015

I wouldn't want to have missed this talk about an interesting CMS. It is clear that Mark knows all the ins and outs of ModX.

Mark is not a very extravert speaker, but that's not what I expect on talks like these.

It was very nice seeing someone talk where you could tell he had extensive knowledge on the subject. There was a decent balance of showcasing MODX and the technical aspects of it, there could've been a little bit more weight on the technical side.

My feedback would mostly be on trying to keep a more upbeat voice, this is to keep the audience engaged and making the talk a bit more fluid.

Overall, good talk!

Great presentation! Of interest to people who want to use a CMS and also to those interested to know how the platform works. Mark fielded an enormous amount of questions from the audience and with great expertise.