Living with Legacy Code


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Excellent presentation style. If I hadn't already, I'd hire this guy :-)

Great! Although I've experienced the pain of having to work with legacy code quite often, this talk gave me a lot more insight on how to deal with those situations. I especially liked the 'realistic' approach - like taking in account that you probably haven't got unlimited time to refactor something.

Slides with the comic book covers looked awesome and the way of presenting was very good as well.

Loved the presentation style and slides. Very unique style.
Also gave some great ways on tackling legacy-code development hell....

Great style and content!

This is the 2nd talk I see of him and it met my expectations. He gets his message across and it fun to see his slides.

I had a sneak preview of the slides for this talk and was still blown away by the whole thing. Great work Rowan :)

Never saw Rowan speaking but he made a superb graphical presentation, funny slides and code samples (all Frankenstein-style), and also clearly explains them all.
There wasn't much news on the horizon, except for one thing; I will finally get the order of steps and priorities right next time. And I bet that was the main goal of the presentation. Many developers will feel more comfortable after seeing this session because there will ALWAYS be legacy code.

As far as I'm concerned this was the best presentation on the event. Great presentation style, great slides :), and an original topic that we all face with from time to time.

I really liked your presentation. It was very well structured and easy to listen to. Your slides were VERY nice, I really liked the funny commic images and the overal structure of your slide.

Even for someone like me who isn't yet a known in all the area's of development and stuff, I found it very easy to follow and everything was really well explained.

I can't really find anything to criticize this talk. Keep it up Rowan, and I would really like to see more talk of you!

Some people are natural speakers, and for Rowan everything seems to come so easy. Great presentation style, great slides. And an excellent choice of subject, one that is not spoken about too often to developers.

Good talk, great slides (loved the comics), and very good speaker.
Interesting topic, it shows how to tackle some issues a lot of developers are faced with on a daily basis.

Enjoyed the list of useful tools in the "living with legacy code" presentation, very informative... Really cool slides too, lots of time, research and attention to details. Fantastic job!