The State of SOAP in PHP


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Even though I still don't want to use it, this was a very good talk on SOAP as it relates to PHP.

Enjoyed David's presentation style, he's very comfortable with the material and knows the subject very well. Personally, I like his push towards validation and he didn't shy away from going into all the various limitations and pitfalls of XML. Only downside was running out of time before getting into the SOAP vs. REST discussion, but we hit some of that in lunch anyway.

David's presentation style is very enjoyable. Humor & skill mixed wonderfully. I've worked quite a bit with soap, but still I learnt a few new tricks. In the Questions section there wasn't room for questions, which was the only minus for me.

A bit disappointed that David had negative things to say about technologies he isn't using but great speaker and for the stuff he is using, it was world-class

Great talk, it covered the subject very clearly. I bet even Chuck Norris would like it.

Very solid talk about SOAP and a few of the hidden "features". Great speaking style, and the right amount of in-depth info.

I would subtract one thumb because at the end he said he would skip a discussion segment of REST vs. SOAP. Yet in the following questions a held a rant/monologue about SOAP vs. REST. Also the demo he gave felt a bit unneeded to me.

However, because he had the most epic start of any presentation I've ever seen I really can't give him less then 5 thumbs up.

Great talk. I enjoyed hearing about class mapping and dynamic wsdl generation the most.

Very useful talk, well executed, easy to follow. I am not an active user of SOAP services, but I am convinced to give it a try.

Nice Austin Powers joke ;-) heheh

The talk opened really well, David was able to capture my attention at minute one with the way he started out.
Unfortunately the effect did not last the entire talk, even though the content was relevant and well written.

All in all, great talk nonetheless!

Second time I see this talk, and it became better since the last time I saw it. Well done, bringing information like this in a way that is easy to understand.

Very funny to listen to, David knows how he can entertain people until the end of his presentation. David gave me some usefull tips along the way. Thank you!

Wow. this guy is so funny and he even knows very good where he is talking about.
Very good presentation and easy to understand.