Chocolate Chip Cookies and Open Source Communities


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Great style, awesome slides, keep it up!

Great talk to close a conference! Very inspirational and full of humor.

Great talk, very engaging.

Great and very inspiring closing keynote. You gatta love our PHPmom

Beer and Chocolate cookies. Do I need to say more? For everybody who missed the talk it was about beer and chocolates...... and (php) communities

I was pretty tired after two days of conference, but Elizabeth managed to keep me both fascinated and entertained during this inspiring closing keynote. A job well done, and a great way to end a conference.

I can for sure that almost everybody was hoping to get some Chocolate Chip Cookies at the end of the talk! :-)

A very nice talk! The way you approached the subject, I just found it fantastic. It was a really nice talk to listen to, well structured, an excellent way to close of an amazing event.

Looking forward to more talks of you Elizabeth, see you on DPC? :-)

When Elizabeth was trying to get the presentation up and I saw that there were 117 slides, it scared me a little. Fortunately she keept a good pace and time flew by.
The presentation was well structured, entertaining and informative.
Nice job!

No words, only thumps up

Great last talk ! Emotions, chocolate chip cookies en communities. Loved it.

Awesome ending for a good conference. Good sense of humor and very inspiring.

Very interesting and engaging talk, lots of great ideas. Sadly, no real chocolate chip cookies were handed out. Elizabeth was kind enough to put the recipe on a slide tho :)

They kept the best one for last. Everything a keynote should be. Thanks for a wonderful hour.

Thumbs up! Inspiring!

Super keynote, Elizabeth is a fluent and really engaging speaker who utilizes her slides to the maximum along with a big amount of humor and improvisation (i guess?).

One though that crossed my mind a few times during her presentation was that for a cookie baking lesson she really swears a lot :) I lost count on the times she said "shit" during her presentation.

I'm a fan

Very inspirational :) You know how to inspire people to contribute and want to be part of the open source community.

The slides were designed very creatively and by using the analogy of the cookie it made your presentation fun :)
You're a great spokesman! :)

Completely and utterly blown away. Thanks Liz, for being there and giving this awesome keynote. And thanks for mentioning *every* aspect of a community, including unfortunate deaths. I was impressed by the way you handled that, and it was a very sobering, serious note inside a fun-filled presentation.

Now we know that is takes about 5 nerds to get a presentation on the screen.
Great keynote. Lots of humor.
You got to love the community!

Great way to close the conference! I had a good laugh. Lots of kind words, seems to me like you are amazingly good at community building. I feel like cookie dough already ;-)

aaawwww we got all mushy! What a very cute but also informational talk about what a community is.
I also learned that I never ever want to go to jail, had some very disturbing images passing by through my head at that point!

But it was a great way to put our minds at rest and leave the conference with a "feel good"-attitude :)

Elizabeth is da shit! She comes packed with humor and Presence. The presentation was brought perfectly and was a roller coaster of emotions. The audience laughed and rocked their chairs to suddenly become very quite at the passing away of Richard Thomas. With that shock effect she made us realize we are more than just twitter, IRC and forum names. We are a community and its members care about each other. And as easy as she showed us "community works" she picked the humour back up again and made us laugh again and AGAIN!

Thanks for this feel good presentation.

Nice closing keynote!
Was a good motivation to participate more in the opensource community!

And, believe it or not, I am now eating some chocolate chip cookies!
Missing the beer tough....