What did you like about this event, and what do you think could be better for the next time? Leave your feedback to help the organizers know what you liked, and what could be improved on.


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Daan van den Berg at 15:46 on 9 Feb 2011

Really enjoyed the event. Didn't really know what to expect, but was very surprised on how much I learned.
Good venue with only one downside: 2 rooms were all the way in the other building. But then again, we should think about our health according to Lorna, so perhaps that was a good thing!
Plenty of room and time to talk between talks in the central hallway. Some more tables/seating would have been nice.

Good organisation overall. You can expect me again next year!

Mattias Geniar at 14:23 on 8 Feb 2011

I really enjoyed the event. As requested by @DragonBe, since there was some confusion from my end (and apparently, others too), it could be worth mentioning that the entrance to the conference also includes a year membership in PHPBenelux.

Nick Belhomme at 09:23 on 2 Feb 2011

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome, very relax atmosphere, very approachable organizers, great community feeling, high class presentations. Generally a big thumbs up for this second edition of the PHPBenelux Conference which didn't experience any growing pains, and God did it grow?!!! (It doubled).

Some minor points that can be improved:
* wifi
* food (take a look at phpuk)

rating: 4.5 out of 5

Thx and see you next year! AWESOME

Ryan Mauger at 22:09 on 1 Feb 2011

Excellent conference, the staff were incredible and really hospitable, had a great time, and have come away with leads, ideas, and a big smile on my face, see you next year!

Tom Bevers at 19:09 on 1 Feb 2011

Great talks! Good food and drinks! Great conference!

Tom Van Looy at 21:20 on 31 Jan 2011

forgot to log in, comment above is mine

Anonymous at 21:18 on 31 Jan 2011

For me, the whole conference was a very nice experience. Top class speakers, which make a good schedule. Too bad @jkeppens got sick, loved to see him IRL. I also liked the fact that there was enough extra time to meet and talk to people in between sessions. The WiFi worked fine for me (to tweet and google stuff). Food and drinks were #omnomnom, and Ter Elst is a very fine location. Thank you all for making this happen. I sure hope to get my hands on one of those next year tickets! I feel like cookie dough already ;-)

Lineke Kerckhoffs-Willems at 17:29 on 31 Jan 2011

Great conference guys! Well done to the crew for organising such a great event. Everything went smoothly as far as i know.

Jacob Christiansen at 12:25 on 31 Jan 2011

Great event. Really well put together. A few drawbacks are: the WiFi and location. It a bit difficult getting there and the venue are quite a long way from the city. But that's really small drawbacks. 5 THUMBS UP!!

Excellent value for money!!!!
It was a greate conference, i had a blast !!

The speeches were awesome. Though i saw a lot of the same titles of the dutch php conference of 2010.
But i didnt mind that much. It gave me a chance to see the presentations i've missed out on.
But i do hope next conferences (Dutch PHP conference and PHPBenelux) will provide some new content/topics.

The food and logistics were excellent organized and i truly liked the informalness throughout the whole conference. And the social, awesome!!! :)

Kudos to you guys for arranging it :)

Chris Ramakers at 00:01 on 31 Jan 2011

I really enjoyed this years conference although feeling a bit sick. The talks all were of great quality and there were some highly regarded speakers present which is all thanks to the effort of a great organisation and community behind PHPBenelux. Top conference and see you next year.

Oh yea ... maybe next year not only ask some wifi vouchers from Telenet but also a couple of spare routers and extra bandwidth. Wifi sucked b*lls seriously. Long live iOS 4.3 personal 3G Wifi hotspots :)

Jerry Verhoef at 22:31 on 30 Jan 2011

Great conference.

This was my first conference, but you guys are setting a high standard.

Richard Tuin at 21:04 on 30 Jan 2011

Just excellent! Had a great time.
Big thumbs up to the crew, speakers and sponsors for the conference. Everything was arranged very well; schema, talks, drinks, food. And the overall atmosphere was really nice.
Like mentioned before, in Permeke 2 it was hard to see the lower half of the screen.

Thank you, and i'm looking forward to next year!

Stephan Hochdörfer at 18:37 on 30 Jan 2011

Very well organized, nice venue. Crew did a great job. Thank you. Looking forward for next year.

Stefano "Steve" Maraspin at 18:27 on 30 Jan 2011

Great event! Almost all of the talks were of great quality, and surely all of them were either interesting, enjoyable or both. The tutorial I attended also fulfilled my expectations. Organization's been superb and so has been the social. Looking forward to hit Belgium next year also!!

Klaas Sijtsma at 15:49 on 30 Jan 2011

Great conference! The best i had in years. Venue is a bit hard to find but a great place to be. Permeke 2 had a small problem, the lower half of the screen was hardly readable from the back. Crew, Speakers, Sponsors and BW ter Elst did an extremely good job making it a great Conference. THANKS!

Sanne Hoeksta at 21:13 on 29 Jan 2011

Great event guys!! Loved it and will be back next time (and in dpc probably :-) )

Jeroen van Dijk at 15:40 on 29 Jan 2011

Agree thumbs up for the crew! Second year and already such an important conference in my opinion!

Anonymous at 09:12 on 29 Jan 2011

It's not even finished but this is already the best conference of the year... big thumbs up for the cast&crew; of phpbenelux for the organization...