Designing HTTP Interfaces and RESTful Web Services


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Good presenatation, good examples. And some good laughs.

Great talk, very inspiring!

Great talk. Probably one of the best talk I ever seen. The material was top and the examples very good.

Listening to David is a lot of fun, and in the mean time he provides you with a great overview of REST.

Great content from a subject expert. I found the running commentary of invasion jokes distracting and it took away from the technical content which was a shame

I've seen this talk before on the IPC last year and implemented most of it in one of our newly-build (rest)-api's.. This talk was more of a confirmation for me to see if everything I think I know about rest is actually still valid (answer: yes). It is indeed hard to implement full rest and you need to make concessions once in a while, but this talk has definately changed my perspective on rest (in a good way)..

So, 5 thumbs. Not bad, considering he's german... :)

Inspiring talk... and saw what Joshua Thijssen did with the info... I totally agree with him!

Great talk with good clear examples and great speaker.. loved the jokes !

great presentation, very informative and very funny :)

Great talk, still processing :-)
Now on to the "ful" part in my own XML's.


I definitely agree w/ jach. For myself also, probably one of the best talks I've ever attended. Great speaker presence, useful content. Not much to add. Just make sure you find the way to attend this talk at your next conference.

Excellent talk! Just the right balance between technical content and humour.
Very useful and inspiring content. This will definitely be of use in future projects!

Very good and informative. Learned a lot.
Good preparation, and good speaker. Only the water bottle distracted too much... and full of valuable and inspiring resources

Great to see a talk combine both technical insights and funny stuff. And I always thought ze germans had no sense of humour ;-)

Great talk, and full of humour. more importantly, covers the technical aspects well, and some of the jokes punctuated his point, which works well for me.

Great talk, easy to follow. Good technical information that was very detailed and explained well.
The jokes could be distracting a bit for some people, but it made a great atmosphere so I wouldn't recommend leaving those out.