Improving Code Quality with Continuous Integration


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Good coverage of a broad topic area, practical examples with the benefits highlighted was good. A more confident delivery would be an advantage for next time :)

Nice explanation. Your hangover did not influence the talk:-)

Martin gave a interesting presentation. Well done!
The only thing that distracted was his apparent nervousness. Don't be, you did good!
What I especially liked was the fact that, even though there were people in the audience with seemingly more knowledge about some area's, that he accepted it and incorporated it in his presentation.

The difference between Hudson and phpUnderControl can be left out for me in the future, since the differences shown in the presentation were merely aesthetical as far as I could see.

I agree with tomlous. You definetely did good.

Also the I agree you should have less focus on the difference between Hudson( ermm Jenkins) and phpUnderControl. And maybe focus a bit more on why a development team should use CI. Also maybe a bigger project as a demo would be nice.

Let's be silly and rate my own talk from my point of view;
I really liked the audience interacting and even teaching me a thing or two which I've never ran into. I felt the tech-love in the room! :)
It scared me a little at first, and being tired and all also influenced my talk a bit. But it's no excuse, next time I will bring a big pile of chocolate-chip-cookies-feeling and be more fit.

This feedback is actually very good since I didn't know if anyone noticed. I got that chocolate-chip-cookies feeling all over!

no need to repeat the differences between phpundercontrol and jenkins, as they are mostly about looks. Most of the difference's could be described as similarity's: the same tool is behind the information.

For the next talk about this, try to focus on the real differences. That way people can make a decision on what is important for them and use that tool.

In all a good talk.
You only seemed a bit nervous, no need for that. we don't bite! well... I won't! Someone else might, but I doubt it.