Mastering Namespaces


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Very interesting stuff. Nice intro to namespaces. Work a bit on the presentation and the talk will be great. Maybe upgrade your slides s bit, a bit boring to look at.

Very interesting, clear and usable

Interesting talk. Although I had a hard time understanding Nick sometimes it was a clear presentation.

Loved it. He served all the basics of PHP namespaces and the traps you might hit.

Spot on. All aspects of namespaces were covered, and explained well. Included with examples & references, I really learned a lot about a feature within PHP that is (at date) hardly used, but is needed in the future.

For feedback; keep the intro about yourself a little shorter. While important, namespaces are more so. :-)

Not much adventure in the talk, the content was great. 5.3 is not used very much at the moment according to the quick poll.

The subject was well covered, and Nick clearly knew what he was talking about. Slides could have been better, and indeed shorter intro would also be better

Good presentation about namespaces! Good explanation about how it works, some pitfalls and best practices. I liked it a lot!

Clear introduction into Namespacing in PHP with the good and bad clearly outlined. Very informative and thorough.

One tip for the future though ... put some more work in your slides. Code highlighting is invaluable when presenting/learning new syntax to an audience and a little fancier theme wouldn't have hurted either :)

Clear talk, good introduction !

Great intro to namespaces. But missed some info why to use namespaces.