PHP In A Mobile Ecosystem


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Great thorough talk, plenty of areas covered to open up the possibilities. Clearly showed where PHP relates to the mobile world :)

Fantastic talk ivo. Very clear explained to think of and consider what and how to do with developing for mobile

Good overview of the different ways to write mobile apps.

Great talk and well presented. Good overview of php relation in a mobile environment and some nice tips for application development for mobile devices.

Great talk. Good to see how a practical problem like authentication can be solved.

I watched the presentation that I was expected to see.

Great talk, a lot of topics covered.
I think some more examples would make it perfect.

Was really great. Loved the examples.

Very nice talk, it really gave me a lot more insight in what's going on in mobile-land and how I could write PHP applications for mobile devices myself. I really liked the slides and the presentation as well. Extra kudos for showing an actual working application - albeit a simple one.

Good presentation. Ivo told a great story.
Since I'm pretty familiar with mobile development, I didn't hear many new things, but that would be unfair to expect.
Unfortunately Ivo skipped over some third party development tools that are really quite interesting for people quite familiar with web programmaning (especially javascript).
I myself have been developing in Titanium from Appcelerator and I'm quite taken with it. It was pushed aside as a generic interface on all devices and not device specific. This is not true. You can also specify very platform specific functionality in your app.

A very nice presentation / talk from Ivo. Also in this talk the slides were very well made, just a few keywords and a good picture.

The whole structure of the talk was very good and easy to follow, even if you haven't got any experience with developing for mobile devices at all. The examples given in the talk were easy to understand and a live example at the end on the talk was really nice to see.

Thumbs up Ivo!

Very nice and compleet talk with great examples. I really liked this presentation.

This talk brought me up to date in the mobile world. And very good speaker!

I was waiting for this talk to organize mobile dev in our org. I heard just that what I expected to hear. Thanks !

Nice talk, good introduction to get started with mobile and php.

Good talk for starting with mobile development and php. Gave me some discusion points.

A good talk as an introduction to mobile as a PHP developer. A few gaps that I expected to be filled such as the PHP TeraWurfl library and using services like Device Anywhere. I do think that people should be made aware that not everyone has a smart phone and that developing for a mobile world doesn't stop at iPhones, iPads and the like. As I say - as an introduction, it serves a purpose.