Real world Quality Assurance, unit testing, code review


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Good job on explaining the different parts for the QA process. Very informative, but way to much stuff for only 3 hours. Focus on one or two subjects and go deeper into those subjects. You should have focused more on the different tools available.

Great idea to put all source code on a VirtualBox image. You should have used it more in the tutorial.

Great talk. Nice idea to hand out the vmware with the source.

Really enjoyed this session; learned a lot of new things about testing and code coverage!

Knowing that you guys inherited this title and an impossible time frame of half a day for the tutorial just two weeks ago, I consider it an excellent session.

However there was some misunderstanding whether this would be a hands-on training or rather an interactive talk as it actually turned out. But as already said during lunch, the topic's range was just to much to do a get-your-hands-dirty session. You would just lose even more precious time in assuring that everybody could keep up and that everything would be working on the attendee's laptops.

A big bonus was the fact that we got to pick the topics that interested us and most of all, a working virtual image and the source files. So, this is a perfect start for further exploration. In my opinion, this fairly compensates for the fact that it was more an interactive talk as it was a hands-on session.

Really informative and excellently explained tutorial on QA in software as a general. Alot of tools I didn't know of or only heard of are now in installed and incorporated in my evaluations of our products.

Too bad we didn't get real in-depth info on any of the subjects. Given the short timeframe it might be wiser to have chosen a couple of chapters and go through them in detail.

I also liked how you two were constantly asking for feedback from the audience, but sometime that turned out the wrong way. We got hinted at some interesting chapters (like documentation) but never touched them due to time shortage. Maybe next time just don't ask what we want you to talk about and stick to a plan that can succeed. People don't want choices is something i've heard several times throughout the conference, that goes for a tutorial audience too as far as i'm concerned :)

I would like to do the workshop over as a full day workshop one day!

Good real world example!
There was not enough time to do all topics, but in the real world there is also not enough time for QA (sadly).
But it would have been better to have a more practical view on the tools with the VM image.
Next time we need more time for this tutorial!

Really good prepared and very interesting speakers with much experience. Loved this talk! Also the VM image was really nice!

As mentioned during the workshop and also here, more could be done with the VM image. However, given the short amount of time (and the title already defined) I think you guys did a good job.
We don't use QA, unit testing, code reviews etc yet, so it was particularly interesting for me to get the global overview on where these things fit. For more in depth info I'm now triggered to dive into it myself.

Very interesting indeed - I second some of the previous comments:
great to have an image with an example project, reducing the scope and digging in a little deeper would have made it even better

I thought the session was well done and the topics covered were interesting and relevant.

I agree that it was *way* too much to cover in three hours but there was enough that someone wanting to learn more would have enough of the concepts, terms, and tools to research further.

I'd attend it again.

good workshop, especially considering the title was given!
It was to much to cover in 3 hours, but still I learned a lot and I can work from that to figure stuff out myself.
Interaction with the audience was good, this way more time was spend on what the audience wanted to hear most.