Why Service Oriented Architecture Is A Good Thing


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Great talk! Some technical examples would be a great addition to the talk.

Great talk, very busy in here and some great information, both technical and businessy. Diagrams are rather small though and in Dutch. Also, a difficult heckler handled very nicely, well done

Nice insights from someone who has actually build serious php soa in Dutch broadcasting. Liked the fact that it wasn't about code!

Briljant presentation, definitely triggered some nice conversations about SOA and ESB. More interestingly, the real world example of applying SOA implementation in a huge dutch broadcasting company, showed us some great insights about domain specific problems and global problems and appropriate solutions.

I would like to see more technical details and possible pitfalls

I agree with @ijansch, very nice to see a non-coding talk, might dive a little more in-depth for a specific problem next time. Looking forward to your next talk.

Great talk, but make the architecture overview slide better readable.
Maybe the rest of the slides would be more clear in that case.

Nice subject, think SOA is a great concept.
Missed some architectural overview and would have loved some advanced examples.
Would have loved to see some details like MQ, REST, XML use etc.

Overall, this talk gave a nice overview of why to use a SOA.
It would have been nice to see a specific problem solved with a "traditional" architecture versus a SOA one. I was hoping to see a comparison between the two.

Disappointed because there was too little technical depth. The use cases from NOS could have been explained more detailed, with less talk about sports.

I agree with Anonymous :) SOA is not about webservices, it's about application design. Having said this, the examples did not support the SOA idea, neither. I'm sure Jan Willem knows what he is talking about, but he has not made it clear.

Missed opportunity I think.

JW (Speaker) at 16:40 on 31 Jan 2011

Good to see so many reactions on my talk, they are all welcome. I agree with the reactions that there could have been more technical dept in the talk i'm going to work on that part for the future. Adding some examples of the integration with the messaging protocol we use for the integration of the broadcast environment into the web environment will help i guess:-)

I agree on the people saying SOA is not about webservices, that's true. I think of SOA as a "way of thinking" and not a simple and easy thing to implement. The intention of my talk was to help people introducing SOA in there organization, give some tips about the implementation and to give an overview of the problem they will face.

By the way, i gave a 3 rating to my talk because it's the average at the moment;-)

Good introduction to SOA for me. Some more examples would be welcome

use cases from NOS were nice, but more technical details would have been useful. Not sure what to do with the information I got, would have liked to have some more technical depth to be able to apply it in other situations.
Also missed information on what good ways of doing this are and what are big no-no's.
Perhaps a nice talk for management or not-so-technical-folks, but not for the technical audience at phpbnl11.