Bowling and Kinect in the venue!


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Bowling was first time for me (not a sports / bar fan). It was fun though. Good thing I was not to Kinect or I would have ended on the final speech movoe maybe. ;)

Awesome. Tnx to enrise and microsoft

Great idea! A brilliant opportunity to socialize, meet new people and make new friend. And obviously it wouldn't be the same without Kinect and German-Lithuanian competition!

This was good fun! Played some bowling games, met new people, and the kinect competitions were nice!

Cool, where else can you play bowling with a bunch of international geeks?!!

Bowling and Kinect tennis were great (side effect: muscle pain the next day)!

Drinks are best enjoyed with some proper entertainment. Bowling with geeks just takes it to the next level - Especially when everyone wants to beat the german. AWESOME! <3

Although I didn't really play, it was great watching other compete ;)

No question, having the bowling alley is one of the best things ever. Kinect was bad-ass too. Since it's always good to have something to improve though...

1) The bowling alley seems to be getting a bit old now and the pin reset mechanism malfunctioned quite a few times.

2) Probably needed more space around the Kinects, especially when David gets going.