Microsoft Azure Hackathon


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Too bad of the virtual image problems. You basically explained yourself at the end what can improve :)

Intentions are good. Too bad about the problems you encountered.

Interesting technology, just pity that getting everyone with a setup took 90% of the time. Next time one USB stick per attendee would be great (or just put the VM's online).

VM was 15Gb. Online or even local wireless shared was out of the question. However, I wanted to say that I played around on the VM image at home and tested some stuff on PHP under WinServer you provided. Everything looks good. Would definetively try to host a pet project on Azure and see how it works and test the scaling. If you deliver what you promise, would be great! Partial deploys for CI would be a great feature to implement. Be better prepared / organised (btw, was expecting more on this matter from a Giant like MS) and I'm sure things will look good for Azure.

good intentions, below zero implementation. sorry

For me this was a bit disappointing. Too much time was wasted with copying VM's, please prepare next time! I do have a better understanding on Azure now. The MS people were really helpful and tried to answer any questions.