Orchestra afterparty


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Good food. Loved the hot wine ;) Nice ball game!

One simply cannot argue with free beer! Wait, free belgian beer.

The beer was good, the vegetarian burgers were excellent, and playing petanque was awesome. Tobias and I did win from Josh and David (I'll not mention the 6 times we lost before we actually won ;) )

Now this is what I call an awesome BBQ, it was cold but we got scarfs! <3

Though it was very cold, the social element made it all worth it.

Tnx orchestra!

Beer, food, scarf... what potentially could go wrong?! Big thanks for Orchestra for the after party. Shame it was so cold cause I would definitely stay longer without moaning how cold it was!

Awesome afterparty!

Awesome party, great food and swag... i was freezing like a "brazilian in belgium" but the conversation was so good a "manned" it out :P

Great job Orchestra!

AWESOME PARTY!! It was cold and I am lucky to be still alive. But the athmosphere was so awesome. Drank with old friends, new friends, I would attend it again in a heartbeat!

The Orchestra scarfs was a lifesaver.
Good food + a lot of beer = great time!

Great closing event :)

great party, too bad I already had to leave early (around 7:30)
I didn't try the soup (because I don't like pea soup), but the BBQ was delicious!
if you do it again next year, I promise I'll stay till the end!

Great party!!

Rocked. My feet did get a little numb at points though... so maybe somewhere we can warm up next time, at least for a little break. Hot-tub, maybe? 8D