PHP Content Repository Specification


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One of the greatest talks! You have the presentation skill where one can maintain concentration during the whole talk. That combined with some already available knowledge extended my views and understanding of PHPCR. Thnx!

Too bad there were some people constantly chattering behind me, I don't care what you just built on your laptop. You probably already knew everything about the subject, but please keep quiet so other people can learn as well? Thnx

Great talk, great subject and nice talking skills. I don't understand why you had a small audience? A lot of people will be using this in the near future I guess! Learned a lot more about PHPCR, I have been playing with the sandbox before and I really liked it. I could see you are enthusiastic about PHPCR, and that is convincing for others like me.

Very good talk by a very good speaker. I now finally understand what PHPCR is, and I think everyone should know about it. Very eager to implement Jackrabbit in one of my toy projects.

Providing both a great overview as some in-depth information for those who had some (basic) knowledge about this subject. But also providing the right information to make everybody enthousiastic about this project.

Great talk by a great speaker.

Great talk, presented well you can tell he really knows his subject and is able to bring it across. Gave me a lot better understanding of the big picture.