Snacks / sandwiches / drinks / beer tasting / fries


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Nice chicken curry.

Great idea to have the fries and beer tasting. It was a bit unfortunate though that after I finished my fries, I heard the fries are actually not vegetarian :(

Too bad i had to drive home :(


Good food is always well received. Thanks to the sponsors!

Best food and drinks at a conference ever. Ever. :)

This was the best conference food ever! And the belgian beer is maybe dangerously tasty... Definitely do this one again because - WOW IT WAS NICE! :-)

Nice fries stand!!

Fries were spot on, very tasty along with the selection of the meats. Bear tasting was even better! The only thing is, I wish the food stayed a bit longer, so I could have so more of it later on.

Fries, snacks and beer. Just awesome!

Great Idea, missed some discolights and pumping music while eating my fries :) Still 5 thumbs up!!!!

Best social ever! Especially the variety of beer and "kaaskroketten" :)

Tasty sandwich selection, really good beer range with friendly bar-tender and getting the snacks from the van was like a whole entertainment activity in itself. Only thing I would improve is to give the person doing the raffle a microphone next time.