Symfony 2


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I haven't been able to look at Symfony2 to date, but thanks to this workshop I think I got a pretty good offset to get a Symfony2 app working in a short amount of time. Who would be a better teacher than Fabien in this?
During the workshop he treated the subjects which the audience found most interesting, answered all questions (no matter how simple or complex) adequate and did live programming which really worked (when he didn't make typing errors that is ;-))
I've learned more during this workshop than I could've learned in a day by myself.

That was a great coverage of the capabilities of Symfony 2, although 3.5 hours is certainly not enough to be ready to use the framework at its full power.
I had a taste at Symfony 1 many years ago and didn't like it that much, but as per the overview from that workshop, I think Symfony 2 really deserves spending time on it, even if you don't count on using it for your [professional|personal] projects.
ZF2 won't be released until months, maybe at the end of the year, and is not guaranteed to be any better than SF2.
Keep up the good job :)

It was a quick and nice introduction to symfony 2 although forms, validation and the testing framework where not covered or even mentioned

I think we spend too much time covering subjects we can easily find in the documentation

Anonymous at 08:28 on 30 Jan 2012

Nice and quick talk about the basic perks of the Symfony2 framework. Some elements could have been covered more like testing and form validation.

Nice introduction to Symfony2, I expected some more hands-on experience, but alas there was not enough time to do this properly.. At least I now understand (as a Product Owner) a bit more what my team is doing ;) I especially liked the things you can do with ttl/caching! Keep up the good work!